Jan 2, 2008

Devastating Flood Of Love

Its nothing seen, only a weird image
Set footprints on heart, blood shed;
I heard my mourning, breath yet to cease
and nerves guffaws with devastating flood of love
Hours to move for another morn;
Yet night stood awake abreast
like a virgin before a serpent
Cool breeze swayed through the window
and touched me in disdain
Her caress was fragile;
and failed to relieve my pain
The haunted mirror stood stead fast
with a blarred vision, what they call, it's me
And the sky looked so young,
in midst of my weary slumber
Hours are counted;
my heart still in dismay
I sensed the warmth of breath
and fragrance of your cologne
My visions were dark
dreams seemed colourless
Despite, I stood alive with brittle hope
and misty thoughts of your return
Finally came his shadow and touched
my lips - the moment, i was waiting for
His kisses had flavour of blood
Yet, it gave life to my futile dreams
We strolled on; hands together
and smiley face
Death and me, left aback
- the devastating flood of love


Anonymous said...


gr8! realy nice !

Miriam said...

People should read this.